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Thursday, 2 March, 2006

I didn’t get much done this week. It’s difficult to just leave the house. When talking to people I get confused.

  • I’ll call it confused, I’m sure it’s something else. I tend to get swindled or swindle myself when I’m like this. This fact makes me anxious to do almost anything. I’m confident that I can bathe and maybe take a walk today.
  • Death from above has commenced. I wish Fall lasted longer than a week. I do so hate the weather here.
  • The only thing I have done this week is to buy a pair of boots. I will not have them for this weekend, as I wished, but it beats paying full retail to someone who does not take your podiatric concerns seriously and may talk your meager amanuensis* into a product which is not useful. These boots nearly won my money, but the bizarre style of my current boots has a certain appeal, and the pair I ordered has a steel toe. You never know.
  • “Motion control” and “stability” are the code words I’m looking for. My current boots were either not as supportive as I had hoped, or they actually wear out after two years of jogging eighteen miles per weekend and occasional other wear. The damn shoestrings are like new.
  • I keep looking for the deal on the phone. It keeps me occupied. I am dreading what I will have to do to make the coaxial cable reach the computer or the computer reach the coaxial cable. It wouldn’t be so bad if I weren’t so readily “confused”.
  • I’m eating like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the only comfort I’m allowing myself which is not driven by chemical addiction. I want to sing:

    Big fat Stan [dant, dah!]
    He’s a big fat man [dant, dah!]
    He’s all you can stand
    Give him a hand
    Big fat Stan!

  • Do any of you know what I’m referencing there?
  • I went to update my OS. Something happened. I no longer have audio and have to manually add my internet settings every time it boots.
  • It never stops does it.

* I realize I am not using this word correctly, but while searching for an appropriate word I remembered this one and could not resist using it.

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