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Call in the plumbers.

Friday, 3 March, 2006

Warning siren went unheeded on port deal
Scripps Howard 02/28/06

Al Qaeda’s boast that it had “infiltrated” the security and other agencies of the United Arab Emirates, raises all sorts of basic security questions: How can the United States be assured that al Qaeda has not infiltrated DP World or any UAE agency that oversees DP World? How many DP World officials enter ports DP World runs in other countries? Who would be in charge of security clearances for UAE personnel permitted to enter U.S. ports? If al Qaeda operatives have infiltrated DP World or the UAE, could they launch a terrorist attack from inside a U.S. port?

Don’t believe it?


That is a link from West Point Combating Terrorism Center in PDF.

Please note that the document uses “jihad” in the American-propaganda implication of “holy war” but it could be used in the traditional context of “struggle for religous purity”.

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