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Sunday, 19 March, 2006
  • They are building the 2525 building on South Lamar. It will be more condominiums for people who don’t know what they’re doing to buy as “investment property” and rent to the kind of people who lease cars. Am I wrong to imagine a radio commercial trying to unload these things featuring that Zager and Evans song?
  • Next door, one will find a Walgreens. When built it will be where that discreetly placed trailer park on the, officially east but actually south, side of Lamar used to be and Loca Maria’s will look like it’s on a pad site or they’re buying her out. The last I heard that’s still up in the air. The part that I find disturbing is the Walgreens is bucking the trend. How can the city allow services into the neighborhood?
  • I’ve been playing with the new OS. I f’d up the original install by making assumptions that gnubies wouldn’t make and did a reinstall, update and such in about a half-hour. This version of the desktop uses something called “desklets” which are an evolution toward Macintosh’s … oh hell what do they call those little geegaws. Anyway, I’m seeing how it goes.
  • The new OS is running so well, the new computer business is on hold. We’ll see how that goes, also. The difference is dramatic.
  • What prompted the change was the news that the distro I had been using as a daily driver all those years finally went commercial, authentically, and the board fired all the original developers including the originator of the project. This board is behind the “feature bloat” and are why Distrowatch marks Mandriva as the third most interesting Linux variant as opposed to first which they had been since 2001. It was a very good run.
  • I now have a properly installed and such Ubuntu Linux box. On x86-32 it runs like a dream. So far. I’ve never seen such aggressive support from “the community”, at least on this architecture. I can only imagine what it would run on the box I was dreaming about.
  • That box would have come in at just under a grand with all the bells and whistles one expects with a half-terabyte storage array, the potential for external eSATA storage, twin 2.0 Ghz CPUs and even an automotive style cigarette lighter/electrical outlet based around this box. Alas, it will have to wait.
  • Okay, it’s time to “man up” and do things. It’s been a slow process, but I may be making a hinway.
  • Tuesday or Wednesday, this means you. Especially if you’ve gotten this far down the list. Who’s up for a commemoration?

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