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Tuesday, 21 March, 2006
  • Learn it, use it, love it: “drama grenade”.
  • Linux Journal is no more. It was a four-color pulp magazine all about the operating systems generated by the collaborative work which internet has made possible. What was the essential flaw in their business model?
  • I once made fun of people with a particularly large set of user pics. I couldn’t imagine just what purpose so many separate images could serve. A little while back LJ announced that everyone would be allowed to host an additional pic for every three months of their subscription. Retroactively. I suddenly found myself with the capacity to host 42 user pics. Then I found the old archive of lj-icons. I tend to save them after I make them, even after I’ve decided I hate them. I now have 26 user pics up, but only one long time viewers have not seen.
  • My neck really hurts.
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