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Tuesday, 21 March, 2006


In an effort to complete their model line up, and in response to the relative success of the Hudson Big Boy, Studebaker offered their Coupe Express from 1937, the same year the Utility Body was introduced by Ford in Australia, until 1940 when the M-series dedicated body-on-frame pick up was introduced. Total production was around 5000 units. It was the first truck with a sliding rear window.

Further information about the story of the models creation is not easy to find and may not be known.

GM-Holden, in the United States

Some may read this as a cheat.

The five Cadillac-Buick dealers in the U.S. Territory of Hawaiʻi were having trouble moving their merchandise in the compact-community and high-fuel cost environment. Detroit had no interest in producing a distinctive product for such a small market, so they received permission in 1957 to import the even-smaller-than-Chevrolet Australian Holden.

Curiously, no significant complications rose from the Territory becoming a U.S. state in 1959, but the project was delayed one year in the interest of meeting the few new legal obligations. The left-hand-drive Holden went on sale in October 1960 for the 1961 model year. Sales were miserable as few Hawai’i residents capable of buying a new car in this time were familiar with the brand and were inclined to purchase better known Japanese imports often sold under European name plates.

The single Holden chassis was available in several body styles, including the Utility. I have not been able to find figures but Holdens sold in the hundreds and the Utility sold no more than fifty units before 1968’s emissions regulations with which the brand was pulled from the marketplace.

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