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Monday, 24 April, 2006
  • Who knows about Lulu, the publishing and isbn-issuing service?
  • Went out today to pay bills and such things. The service I now use in lieu of proper banking now accepts power and phone payments. I had three money orders to send away. So I hand over my paycheck and other paper work and about eight minutes later the nice lady says, “You have $5.02 coming back.”
  • The price for a new bike-shaped object would be $93, but some work would need to be done to remove the stickers, not decals, from the frame. It could stand to be painted for another $12. Paint, bike, seat with integrated blinkie, bigger tires would come in at $125 with tax. This is why I advocate buying second hand.
  • I now know why the classic touring bike which will cost about $200 to properly restore before paint (the drivetrain will have the be swapped out and a number of other minor issues) fits me so well. Although it has the traditional straight crossbar, it is a “woman-specific” frame. It’s designed for someone with shorter arms and longer legs. Because I am not likely to spend $200 on my secondary bike anytime soon, I’m am considering selling it. If someone less picky wants it, after I pull the fenders and blinkie, I have $80 in it. Although I should sell it for less. If I were a man I’d do the research and attempt to restore it myself.

    Right. Man up.

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