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Saturday, 6 May, 2006
  • I don’t yet have this myself, but am fascinated by the recent availability of Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments.

    It seems to have gained infamy since the 1995 incident near Detroit of child chemist, David Hahn. With the release of a full scale book this month by author Ken Silverstein called The Radioactive Boyscout, which details this nuclear incident, the popularity of this early chemistry ‘how to do it’ book will only grow.

  • Legendary show-business person, Mark Evanier, tells of “the most thrilling moment I’ve witnessed in person”. Being reminded of this phenomenon a few years ago, I will repeat my specific request to someone, somewhere that the time has come for a revival.
  • I don’t pay enough attention to know exactly why Ana Marie Cox is no longer one of the cool kids of the blogosphere, but it’s long past due. She is an analog to the downright homely, irritating girl in high school who inexplicably is considered pretty and generally wonderful by faculty, sponsors and the cool kids. Everyone just goes along with the idea, but I can’t imagine how it gets started.
  • You kinda have to dig deep to get at this, for now, but Porter Goss (and we “are anticipating”) his sidekick Dusty Foggo have been kicked to the curb due to activities partaken at a contractor’s “hospitality suite”. That is, by GOP standards the worst thing you can do is some kind of implicitly heterosexual act. You’ve got to love those GOP naming conventions. The whole Scooter Libby affair would have been easier to take if the antagonist were named, say, Irv Lieberman or I. Lewis Lieberman.
  • Keep in mind, and this will surely get downplayed in the conspicuous media, those father rapists were in charge of the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • Here’s some spin: We’ve seen over the last five years [implication, this is during the GWB era] an increasing and inexplicable acceptance of homosexual behavior among our young women. [“homosexual” and “our young” used advisedly] All the while dictates from the federal government impose upon your school students something called abstinence-based sexual education. The primary tactic of this system is to imply, without regard to facts, that heterosexual behavior is invariably destructive, while ignoring by design any mention of homosexuality. The President of the United States is implicitly suggesting our children go gay.
  • Further spin: The imply the federal government’s policy of allowing untold millions of “illegal immigrants” into the country is to make up for the coming deficit in the native birth rate.
  • The issue is not immigration, authorized and otherwise. The issue should be framed not in the superficial policy, but in its implications for the whole society. Do not speak of “illegal immigration”, but rather speak of “wage suppression”.

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