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Bakersfield Chimp

Friday, 12 May, 2006

You know, friends, I’m not rich enough, so if you buy some stupid crank-up radio that you could use after the nuclear holocaust, which is never going to happen, it’ll put money in my pocket. Yes, a crank-up radio with a stupid-looking flashlight on the end of it, you have that in your garage and people think you’re definitely whack; they’ll think you’re definitely crazy and wont let your kids visit their house, and they wont let their kids visit your house, either. They’ll keep everybody away from you including your own family. Friends, I know that you’ve been asking yourselves, “What is it with this hand-crank radio”? Can I really crank it and hear things?” Well, crank the radio, yes. But I’m getting an awful lot of messages from a lot of you Coast-to-Coast listeners who say “Art, I cranked it last night and I couldn’t hear a thing.” Well, when we’re talking about cranking it, we’re talking about having the hand-crank radio. You people who are cranking something else, your problem, your loss. So whether you’re yanking it or cranking it, get the hand-crank radio, new from Peenman Enterprises. Just crank it and listen to China for about 3 seconds until you have to crank it again. It’s new from Peenman Enterprises. Next time you feel like cranking something, make sure it’s the radio.

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