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Austinoids, you’ve seen this.

Wednesday, 24 May, 2006

Al’s Cut-Rate Liquors (est. 1979), Party Source (est. 1997), Liquor Outlet (est. 1980), it’s amazing that a town so small could support so many “party superstores”. You know, the kind of place where you can find frozen hors d’oeuvres, frozen pizzas by the score including exotic varieties, ice creams and related frozen treats (the first time I ever had White Pepper ice cream was in this environment), a collection of sauces and condiments that would make Central Market hide in shame, glassware in absurd varieties, disposable flatware and serviceware like you’ve never seen, soft drinks from all over the nation and on occasion different parts of the world, a walk-in beer cooler the size of a drug store featuring beer varieties organized by the state in which they are produced, and of course:


like you never seen.

Imagine, if you will, 12 feet of Bourbons alone, another 12 feet of Canadian Whiskeys, and so on, 24 feet of Tequilas, from paint thinners to the stuff I’ve never looked at twice due to the $400 tag on the bottle, miles and miles of aisles of hooch in ridiculous varieties … oh and mundane domestic beer stored warm available by the case, can or bottles, or keg. Free delivery of orders over $180 with 24 hours notice. It’s easy to do $180.

Surely, the only reason you don’t find this kind of thing in Austin is that TABC doesn’t allow it. I can’t imagine why, but with all the deliberately arcane requirements TABC enforces in order to discourage business and encourage bribes, some comma somewhere must prohibit such things in Travis County. I mean, why else would this hallmark of every metropolitan area of over 50 thousand souls since the 1970s not exist in the town where, at one time, people would offer you a beer while you were walking down the street‽ You can’t tell me Austin is a town of teatotallers. that’s for damn sure.

Soon an attempt at just such a place will open at Brodie and 290 where Academy Surplus recently closed and two other TBA locations in the area.

Call the family activists!

By the way, within a year this store will become one of those “only in Austin” things you find everywhere else.

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