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Thursday, 25 May, 2006

According to the superstitions with which those who pick the
candidates for the office of President of the United States operate

  • Must be a currently-elected official during the mid-term
    (November 2006) elections
  • Must be from a “Southern” state
  • Must be either a Senator, Vice President or Governor

These are your candidates for the Democratic nomination in 2008. I am
extending the definition of “Southern” to any state with a
pro-confederate movement before 1861 and West Virginia, the
anti-secessionist counties of Virginia.

Pick up to five:

Ruth Ann Minner
Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
Thomas R. Carper

Bill Nelson

Paul Sarbanes
Barbara Mikulski

North Carolina:
Mike Easley

Timothy M. Kaine

Max Cleland (Honorable Mention, added 05/27/06)

West Virginia:
Joe Manchin
Robert Byrd
Jay Rockefeller

District of
Anthony Williams

Phil Bredesen
Albert A. Gore, Jr. (Honorable

Kathleen Blanco
Mary Landrieu

C. Brad Henry

Ed Rendell

If you would like more
selections and with this list who wouldn’t, following is a list of
potentials from the states with double-digit representation in the
Electoral College, who do not belong on the above list. This was the
CW before 1980.

Dianne Feinstein
Barbara Boxer

Rod Blagojevich
Richard Durbin 
Barack Obama

Jennifer Granholm
Carl Levin 
Debbie Stabenow 

New Jersey:
Jon Corzine
Frank Lautenberg 
Robert Menendez

New York:
Charles Schumer
Hillary Clinton

Barring something unprecedented and all but unimaginable, one of the
above names will be the candidate for the Democratic party in 2008.

  • I
    must concede you may as well wipe all women off the list. This
    includes Hillary Clinton. I don’t think the party apparatus will gamble
    on a female running mate, either.
  • A non-white running mate may be in
    the cards.
  • Governor Blagojevich should look into changing his name for
    a national election.
  • Mayor Williams has no chance for either nomination
    or appointment to Federal office with the reputation of The District,
    warranted or not. I’m not even certain why he remains on the list.
  • Robert Byrd is simply too old and has baggage as a former
    member of the
    Klan, which persons ignorant regarding the middle of the 20th century
    and those outside the Old South could not possibly come to understand.
  • Al Gore is the most prominent candidate for Ambassador to
    the United
    Nations, or potentially Secretary of Energy or Secretary of
    Transportation. I believe he’s has enough of candidacy.
  • Paul Sarbanes is retiring from the Senate, and at 73 may be
    retiring from public life.
  • Dick Durbin has too much credibility in the Senate to
    gamble it on a presidential run.
  • Obama is too young-looking and too pretty. Maybe in 2016.

The new list looks like this, with annotations:

Delaware: (few
Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (Catholic)
Thomas R. Carper
(creepy, tends to focus on state issues)

Bill Nelson

North Carolina:
Mike Easley (catholic, ties to

Timothy M. Kaine

West Virginia: (few electoral votes)
Joe Manchin
(too ethnic: Hillbilly)
Jay Rockefeller
(will be 72 in 2006)

Phil Bredesen (served as
mayor of Nashville during the very successful 90’s, does not accept his

C. Brad Henry (presided over a
period of growth in Oklahoma since 2002, Baptist but not SBC will be 45
in 2006, may not be interested in federal office)

Ed Rendell (turned Frank
Rizzo’s Philadelphia around, having similar success statewide, “in”
with the Clinton-Gore cabal)

Carl Levin
(strong civil liberties defender, jew, 74 in 2006)

New Jersey:
Jon Corzine
(scandal plagued)
Frank Lautenberg
(82 in 2006, jew)

New York:
Charles Schumer
(pro-censorship, rube, jew)

Biden, Nelson and Rendell are Vice Presidents with experience not
unlike Al Gore, Jr. was in 2000.

The bloggers are right. The DNC has no candidate for 2008. The
candidacy will be left to Biden and Rendell with some dark horses,
potentially Bill
of New Mexico, who for my money has a shot, but
should also be considered more of a VP.

Rendell-Richardson? Bredesen-Biden? Nobody knew who Bill Clinton was in

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