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If they let this happen to him, what will they do to you?

Monday, 26 June, 2006

Recovering drug addict and right-wing radio talk show host
Rush Limbaugh has
been detained at Palm Beach International Airport
upon his
return from the Dominican Republic. WFOR ( is
reporting that the detainment is for possible illegal
possession of presecription drugs, including Viagra.

An outspoken
critic of drug users
, Limbaugh recently settled
“doctor shopping” charges brought against him
. He
allegedly saw different physicians in order to obtain
prescriptions for the painkiller Hydrocodone– as many as
2,000 pills from four different doctors.

Limbaugh’s May settlement with prosecutors in that case
required that he pass random drug tests for 18 months,
continue to receive treatment for his addiction, not own a
gun, and “refrain from any violation of any law.” Limbaugh
also reimbursed the state of Florida $30,000 to cover the cost
of the investigation.

Details are still sketchy and subject to clarification and
correction as this story develops.

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