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Just before I clock in for the night:

Sunday, 2 July, 2006
  1. Could I live about eight miles out of Bastrop proper in a “cabin” free of zoning for $250/mo. (mortgage)? The property evidently needs minor improvements, like digging a well, but is otherwise habitable.
  2. I saw a smart fortwo on the road today. It was in my sights for all of fifteen seconds. Along Fifteenth Street near Congress/Speedway. Mexican plates and driven by the whitest guy you ever saw. In life it is somewhat larger than you think it is, and no it was clearly not the “new model” which may be testing somewhere in these United States early next year if not sooner.
  3. I am fixated on the smart as it is an analog to the release of Windows for Workgroups for the next economic revolution.

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