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Tuesday, 11 July, 2006
  1. Work on The South is Red a little just to warm up the old noggin.
  2. Job interview at 2:00. I have no hope of accomplishing anything, but I may as well go to remind myself of what to do in an interview.
  3. Play with the camera more. Ekiga, Skype and such seem to be the wave of the future.
  4. Get denser food for Jane. I can’t seem to feed her enough and she isn’t gaining weight. Recently she’s eating a can and a half as opposed to the not quite a can. Yesterday she ate two cans. Something’s up.
  5. I don’t want to go into this right now, but as sick as I was last week, I am doing the lite version this week. I have a theoretical thirty-six more hours.
  6. I am now officially terrified of parting with money. As unhealthy as that is, it could be for the best overall.
  7. I need to take the Bianchi in for a tune-up, find someone to rebuild the bike with the chewed up rear cassette and other problems, and take Otis to a place like Jiffy Lube, that isn’t Jiffy Lube.
  8. Oddly, I’ve only put on about five pounds in the last two weeks. I’m going to have to work to prevent an all-time high.

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