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Sunday, 23 July, 2006

blue & pj, I hope you’ve found the boxes.
why do women’s bikes dominate the used bike listings?
one week from this hour I will start a 23 hour work day.
five people have said in so many words about G’s, “You know you have a home here.”
i have a hell of a week coming up.
those of you who know about art brushes, i think we use a 4 brush. that’s a nice thick one, right? the markings are obscured.
miller blue
wait for shirt delivery
do the bill hustle
actually get to the grocery … and tomlinson’s

just the big change is driving me to such stress that i nearly cried all night
this is me being particularly weak
and i still don’t know whether they’re all talk

i’ve got to get my primary bike to aaron’s or maybe i’ll try southside, they’re close and the word is pretty good.

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