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Obvious entry. Only because I need to get it off my chest.

Monday, 24 July, 2006
  • A number of Trek 820s are showing up on the list. It is the classic urban-utile mountain/all-terrain bike. I would recommend it, if only I knew potential cyclists willing to deal with two gearing systems on the same cycle. Add steetable tires to the bike for a urban (read: pothole) ready machine.
  • I’m getting fat. This makes me sad.
  • Blue, your observations about women’s cycles are not merely interesting, but probably spot-on. This would include bikes from twenty-to-thirty years ago although I initially had reservations about that. People do have attics and such. However, that raises the question as to why women’s specific bikes, that is with the handlebars closer to the seat than “normal” cycles are so rare. Maybe, Trek with their WSD, or “woman’s specific design” series has a profit center. Even the Electra and such bikes are not WSD on their cycles which are aesthetically designed to appeal to the Betties, Oddly the truly miserable, mechanically, i-can’t-remember-what-its-called bike available at Target for $60 is a WSD.
  • Right now, I want to be bad, evil, goofy or something outside my soon-to-be “normal” world.
  • I have this image in my head that I will call my old employer from my new employer and say “It’s been two days, have you found my replacement, yet?” [pause] “Good, cancel everything, I’ll be there Friday night.”
  • That said, I had the privilege of talking to someone reminding me of what my shop isn’t. “Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” she said. Of course, that’s why I work everyone else’s weekend.
  • Were I female and as hopeless as I am, I would be eminently bangable. Then again, I’d have to deal with getting the kind of guys out of my house that an old roommate had to chase away.

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