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Friday, 28 July, 2006
  • I can’t sleep.
  • My subscription radio collapsed last night. I stupidly moved it from home to car and upon coming back to the house the electrical outlet dislodged from the unit. Specifically, it sheared away from the circuit board inside the unit.
  • I have one hell of a work week ahead, I think. I still don’t have a schedule. Wed, Thu I’ve tried to contact my new employer to no avail.
  • My anxiety is running at about 8.
  • I’ve spent profound amounts of money this week. From clothes which match OMX’s dress standards to actually paying my auto insurance and other bills to three $40 trips to the grocer. Oh, and I just returned from getting an Xact Replay which was on discount at Target. My “saved vacation” will cover it all, but I feel like a tool.
  • Unless someone can give me some direction, I’m taking the hit on the 401K fund. It’ll only be about $400 which I could probably cover without too much pain.
  • I still have things on my list I didn’t do this week. But it’s too late.
  • I’m going to blow this transition, I know it.
  • F’ing finally, eleven to five on Tuesday for my first day. Maybe they won’t kill me after all. Six hours, I can do that with one hand.

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