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I like sandwiches.

Sunday, 6 August, 2006
  • It’s raining soup. Well okay, it’s merely the temperature of soup.
  • I’m having one hell of a week, physically, emotionally and so on. I can hardly wait until it ends. As always I make much fufarah and accomplish very nearly nothing.
  • I so much want to sleep. For reasons I don’t understand I am capable of only about five hours at a time. Long quiet walks and rides are in order.
  • The rain is coming just in time.
  • I think I will have a week in which I immerse myself in Star Trek. Yes, you heard correctly. I have a certain admiration for that sub-culture. I will endure the last season of Enterprise, of which I have only watched the finale. Jesus. Could they have pissed on the franchise any more? I hope The New Voyages is one tenth of what “they” say it is.
  • I am now afraid of the future.
  • I have received a raise. Pennies really, but I try to think of it as right around the money I spend on gasoline.
  • I want to touch something. I don’t think art is going to do it this time. I’d like to instill hope, but you know how that goes.
  • I do not posess the physical stamina to touch what I’m supposed to run out and touch. I’ve disappointed enough people this week.
  • Should any of you encounter me and I just start crying, please don’t think anything of it.

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