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Wednesday, 16 August, 2006

A common practice in “Hollywood”, and indeed a mark that you aren’t a nobody anymore. is using a color-copy head shot with a black-only copy of your resume on the back. One takes the original output which due to the technical limitations of the device must be 8.5×11 inches then chop it down to the standard photo size of 8×10 inches. Only nobodies distribute genuine developed photos anymore. It’s kind of like the people who submit manuscripts on nice paper.

In show-biz heavy towns, think Los Angeles, New York or Vancouver, you can get these at a one-price rate; up to 20 for $1.99, up to 50 for $1.59 and so on. Compare this to the price of actual 8x10s and Super 77ing a resume on the back. (About six bucks each)

Generally “head shots” are PDF files today, which are merely output on a color-laser device. You can email these easily, especially if you’re an agency sending multiple prospects.

The trick then was to use 80# text stock which is the happy medium that the color machine would take back then … and run the black side first. Today they use a stock called 100# cover which isn’t as heavy as that substance would lead you to believe.

The first people to use this method were tied to a series of classes given by René Auberjonois in the early 90’s. It was considered clever at the time and spread quickly. He developed the method with a fellow who worked at a Kinko’s near Hollywood …

… in Autumn 1990, in the middle of the night.

It may not be a wonderful life, but it sure is a weird one. I didn’t even get one of those Odo masks he used to hand out.

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