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Pragmatic entry.

Tuesday, 22 August, 2006

In the event anyone has attempted to call me since Thursday evening, my telephone has not been available. It wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that I put together that I was behind on the 30 to 50 telemarketing calls that come in between Fridays. In fact, no one had called at all. Then I noticed that the telephone wasn’t being charged on its stand.

I did the thing with the erasers, and as of this morning I was still getting the “battery low” message. A battery for my phone costs $15. Historically this has proved unwise, as cordless phones are built of such quality they do not withstand the subtle changes implemented by  another battery. Another phone was $17. It’s charging now. According to the instructions, it should be ready to use in February.

Yes, this has brought my hopelessly 20th-century communication methods to mind, but I can’t quite work out how to fix the situation readily. Within the city, I have nearly no options for Internet service, and in the free-market traditions of Texas, they are profoundly expensive. In the ‘burbs you can get what I’m getting for under $60 per month. I’m paying over $90. I’d call SBC and try to get a new deal, but they are seldom available and you literally can’t access anything but bill paying and cancellation via internet.

Curious that.

I now know how to get a phone for under $40/mo, all I need is <$45 internet service that is not land-line-phone dependent and over RR’s $29 384K down and I’m good.

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