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Friday, 25 August, 2006
  • This is one of those months in which all the bills go out at once. I got up a little early today and “invested” an entire paycheck plus $113. Oh, what a feeling. Once, while in this place, I could cover everything with one paycheck plus get a carton of cigarettes and a tank of gas.
  • I’m about to go out of my mind. This time its the heat. Looking back on the journal, we should only have about two more months of Death from Above, then summer.
  • Last night I IM’d for about an hour with 931. I don’t know what caused her to reach out. Although, thinking about her history with Internet-like technologies brought me to mind. I still maintain that if I were in the same room with her, she would not recognize me … not so much because of the three-additional inches in the last place I want it.
  • The webcam experiment is a success. Tooling around the OS, I discovered that one of the apps intended to import and edit video coming in through firewire can generate “special effects” and make video streams utilizing photographs. This may lead to something.
  • CMW, 931, li, all coming in within a few weeks. I feel like something is up. Some energy I don’t know what to do with is about.
  • I want to touch something. I’ve been filling the void with media which is not unlike “old friends”. That’s not it.
  • Even sitting here, I consistently get the feeling that I want to go home. I do not know what to make from this.
  • I require a renewal of faith in this town.
  • among other things.

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