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via DX listening digest, cut n paste

Saturday, 2 September, 2006


There will be no Mike Malloy program on Air America Radio as we have
been terminated as of 8/30/06. We are as shocked as you are,
especially since as recently as last Tuesday we were told we had the
go-ahead to announce our return to NY airwaves and that our contract
was “on the way.” We are told its a financial decision.

More details to follow as we hear them ourselves. Members of the press
can contact [e-mail address] to schedule interviews

UPDATE — Hey Truthseekers, Malloy here. My good friend Peter Werbe
will be temporarily broadcasting on Air America Radio at night in my
old time slot. He’s a good guy, a true left-liberal, and now finds
himself in an awkward position. He cannot comment about the
circumstances of my termination on the air, which I completely
understand and support. I have been in Peter’s exact position in the

So I have a request: Please treat Peter with the respect he truly
deserves. Please keep in mind he did not ask to be in this position.
The righteous anger and frustration felt right now by so many
supporters of our program should be expressed to Air America Radio

Here’s the phone number to call: 212-871-8290 or email to: [e-mail address]. Again, we will keep you updated as more details
develop and thanks as always for your incredible support (from Sept 1 via gh, DXLD)

AA has been slow to remove MM`s page on their website, which links to
his personal page as above. Checked Aug 30, Werbe was shown as subbing
for Malloy in the evening, and we confirmed that by monitoring; but MM
was in turn supposed to be subbing for Randi Rhodes in the afternoon.
When checked Sept 1 at 1925 UT, she was on as usual, so I guess the
latter switch never occurred (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

(via Kevin Redding, ABDX via DXLD) Far-righters gleeful (gh)

Umm, two things here — one, Air America is not in any “rapid
decline”, nor any decline at all. It is doing well in some markets,
poorly in others — as has been the case for the past two years. It
still struggles with poor signals in many markets and a business model
that has many of us scratching our heads. But that aside, I’ve been a
radio consultant for 24 years and alas, people do get fired or
replaced or whatever. It doesn’t usually “mean” anything — as in,
whether we like a certain host, his removal is not usually a sign that
the republic is about to fall. It’s disappointing to fans, but in this
case, Mike is a talented announcer and I have the feeling we haven’t
heard the last of him. He will undoubtedly turn up somewhere else.
Somehow, we all do… 😎 (Donna Halper, MA, ABDX via DXLD)

One note Malloy is gone! So, who gets the post-Maddow slot?

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