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Tuesday, 12 September, 2006

Earlier today, Steve Jobs hosted the semi-annual product roll out for the company with which he is most identified. Not a small amount of discussion has been made about the shirt he wore during this presentation. For a guy on the wrong side of 50, he’s in pretty good shape. He was the last guy in the bay area allowed to wear a black turtleneck. In fact, the shirt had become a trademark of sorts.

Today he appeared in a broadcloth shirt of a standard Oxford, button-up type. It was black or more charcoal under the stage lights. He was fully bearded, a look he has not utilized in a few years, and his general energy level was scaled back. No conspiracy exists. He’s fifty-one. He’s sporting a rather sudden shock of gray hair. Yes, he’s vain enough to have been dyeing for the last several years. He has been aggressively treating cancer. He’s thinner, less robust looking , and has foregone the shirt which emphasized his relative youth among CEOs, even in Silicon Valley. He’s covering up facially and otherwise de-emphasizing his physique, but not for the reasons your humble commentator has been doing so. He’s skinny and less explosive. He had to scale it back eventually.

Mellow out, sportsfans. He’s going to be fine. He’s one of the few Americans with the resources to actually do something about whatever health concerns he may have, and lived a macrobiotic lifestyle for years … he’ll be fine. It’s almost nice that he’s allowing himself to achieve the look of age and wisdom, of a kind, he has earned.

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