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Friday, 15 September, 2006

I strongly implied on these very pages that I was getting a Mac. This
was not exactly what I envisioned, but here’s the Mac I got:

Sales Order
No.: M7673LL/A
Model: iMac officially no modifier, popularly
known as iMacDV 400
CPU: PowerPC 750 (83.0)@400 Mhz w/512K Cache
Memory: 256 MB @ PC100  (2×128 MB)
ROM: 4.1.9f1 (upgraded to OS X compliance)
Extentions: USB 1.1 (x2), 1394A (x2)
Operating System: Mac OS 10.3.9 (April 15, 2005)
Introduced: October 5, 1999

It’s the strawberry gumdrop which was acquired for Blue’s baby last
year. Perusing the file system, it appears that she didn’t do much with
it. Thinking about it, I kinda feel like I wasted everybody’s time with
the machine … but she’s home now. Unless Goodwill has somehow
acquired a quantum leap’s worth of >128 MB PC100-133 memory, she
is not
practically upgradable. In my rich fantasy life I will find a pair of
512 MB sticks for about 40 bucks, but even that is premature.
CRT is fuzzy, and probably within its last year of use. So that means
that unless I can find out how to add a monitor (it has no VGA out, at
least on the exterior of the case) she’s on her last legs.

This is my new adventure at least for a while.

The first project was to work out how to “do video”. Thanks to
something called Macam, one can utilize a mundane webcam on the
machine, but the application is not very flexible. Among the problems,
one can record video only and it is stored as MJPEG. Macam may
cooperate with Quicktime Pro and other applications, but those
applications are not conspicuous and I’m having trouble authorizing Qt


Okay, I’m back to this and finally authorized Qt Pro. The results have
proved to be somewhat underwhelming. The problem with the frame rate
has little to do with Macam, or so it would appear. I can get two
frames per second, max. QT allows me to shoot only under QVGA which
makes for a teensy image and still at two fps.

It’s almost enough to make a guy spend money … but not quite.

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