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Friday, 15 September, 2006

Air America Radio’s lineup as of Monday, all times Eastern. This just came through their fan mailing list:

5am-6am  	The Mark Riley Show
6am-9am 	The Young Turks
9am-12noon 	The Sam Seder Show
12noon-3pm 	The Al Franken Show
3pm-6pm 	The Randi Rhodes Show
6pm-8pm 	The Rachel Maddow Show
8pm-9pm 	“Politically Direct” w/ David Bender
9pm-10pm 	“Ecotalk” w/ Betsy Rosenberg

Air America Radio lineup, fixed:

5am-9am  	Mark Riley and C-Level comedian to be named later,
                with Dwayne Gilman (yes, four hours)
9am-12noon 	Majority Report Radio with Sam Seder,
                with full news to be marketed as a morning show in the West.
12noon-3pm 	The Al Franken Show
3pm-6pm 	Randi Rhodes
6pm-9pm 	Rachel Maddow with Kent Jones
9pm-6am 	replay Seder, Franken and Rhodes

I’m sorry, but one-hour shows in a talk-like format do not work as a daily. It’s too much effort and expense for the result. You don’t keep the audience.

I’m sorry that I can’t let this go, but to watch people do something potentially important in a way that everyone but them knows is incompetent drives me insane.

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