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Sunday, 17 September, 2006

Here’s the word from Mutt:

I don’t know how accurate this is but Box Office Mojo is reporting Beer League’s weekend at $320,000.

As you probably know, Artie needs to make a million to bring the movie to a national release in October. If you were planning on seeing it and haven’t gone out yet, do it today.

We’ve heard reports of Artie fans from across the country simply buying a ticket through fandango even though they can’t see it. If you are one of them, let us know about it.

I can’t advocate buying a ticket for a movie you can’t go see … but I’m not going to stop you.

If I recall correctly, it was stated on The Show that ALBL needed to hit $6500 per screen for Echo Park to approve it for national distribution. The only pictures to hit numbers anything like that are The U.S. Vs. John Lennon ($12K ea. on 6 screens) and Keeping Mum (I don’t even know what that is. $15K on 2 screens). The official weekend number, based on projections and according to BOM, is $1951.

After those “art pictures” the highest grossing film per screen this weekend is the film-geek/L.A.-geek porn The Black Dahlia pulling in $4654 per screen. In short, the mark for ALBL to go national was not merely optimistic, but absurdly so.

… but it should do very well “On Demand” and the DVD will kill come Christmas. You need a quick gift for the Stern fan in your life? Get him a Beer League. I suspect some of us will have several DVDs come January.

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