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Friday, 22 September, 2006

Sometimes I feel like such a rube. Somebody on my friendsfriends list discovered that accepts (the credit-card like form) of Canadian Tire money. First of all, even though I know of Canadian Tire, despite spending most of my life nearly 400 miles from the closest location; I had never heard of Canadian Tire money and initially thought it very strange that would accept some kind of loyalty-based pseudo currency from an unaffiliated company. Within moments of entering “canadian tire money” into Google it was revealed that CTM is sufficiently ubiquitous that it very nearly serves as a parallel currency with the Canadian dollar. Among other establishments, many bars, independent filling stations and even ebay accept CTM at face value.

I can’t quite work out if this is some kind of peculiar-to-outsiders, distinctly Canadian inside joke, or if the owner-operator finds himself at Canadian Tire a couple of times per week and you may as well cover your tab with Canadian Tire money.

I love cultural shit like this.

I will stuff my face with Timbits before I die. I’m not sure why they’re different from Munchkins or “doughnut holes”.

… and some of you wonder why I don’t get laid.

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