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Saturday, 7 October, 2006

Mark Evanier gives his take on the demise of Tower Records. That is, the Tower Records on the actual Sunset Strip, just down the street from The Roxy and Whiskey A Go-go. The one which served as a movie icon in the 70s and 80s, was featured on television. Upon which artists insisted in contracts to have their album art displayed, the one where everyone who was anyone held an album signing … that was so much smaller than you think it is. Believe me, Waterloo has about three times the square footage inside. If any single store in the chain would prove viable, it would be this one. Indeed, the prominence of this one record store within the industry lead this reporter to believe Tower was a Los Angeles-based company when in fact they were based in … Sacramento? It’s like finding out that French chick with the Eurotrash attitude, the classic BMW, and the closet full of crap that costs more than your car, is actually from Lubbock.

I still wonder what will become of the name. Part of me believes the name, like Moxie, should be consigned to the dustbin of history. Its time has passed and it is time to move along. It’s like McDonald’s [Starbucks to you under 30] is going out of business. Almost impossible to believe, but when was the last time you went in?

That little Tower store across the street? That’s where they sold video. In 1988. Yep. They had a whole separate store just for video products. One of the first for a chain. Many say the first and it was a ridiculous idea at the time. For now, it’s still there.

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