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Wednesday, 18 October, 2006

The addition of ads to create a mid-level between paid and non-paid users. That is a commercial decision and one I understand even if I believe it is naive. Brad not wanting to grow Danga, but wanting to get on with his life and not wanting to sell to some entertainment oligarchy. Yeah, I totally sympathize, although I wish someone else had made the deal. I have no idea who that would have been and it’s water under the bridge anyways.

However, selling sysadmin rights to a blatantly transparent front company for the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation is unsupportable and transcends the largesse granted for naivete.

Is SixApart just a bunch of fat, stupid Americans or is there more to this? Is this an attempt to keep LJ free of the potential for hosting dissident or emigre sites?

I’m just some jackass sitting in a $400 apartment in nowhere in particular, and I enjoyed global politics one hell of a lot more when it was an abstraction.

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