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09, 10, 11, 12

Thursday, 9 November, 2006

I just this moment took delivery of [three words redacted]. Specifically a [three words redacted] which [five words redacted]. With this I ordered a [two words redacted], [redacted] and a [redacted] which should be all you need to get going. I considered not getting the [redacted] and ordering a [redacted], but [redacted] are so subjective …

Anyway, the [redacted] did not arrive in the box. What turned into my second choice for [redacted], however, are in the box. That is, somehow they didn’t ship $15 worth of goodies, only one of which is strictly required, and replaced them with $30 worth of goodies.

I may not order from [redacted] again … then again I might. It’s not often I get more than what I order. Oh well, I think it ought to be acceptable in the end. We’ll see.

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