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Wednesday, 15 November, 2006

Try this. The international service, or more accurately the extra-regional service, of Al Jazeera, their spelling not mine, is having some trouble getting clearance in the United States. I’d say something about “The Man” or whatever, but BBC World isn’t getting clearance on local cable operators either.

If you want to know what Al Jazeera English is about, there’s the link. It’s a Realplayer “dial-up” link which is playing on my machine at a steady 80K. The picture is tiny, and the audio isn’t that great, but it’s there. It will play for fifteen minutes at a time, but you can immediately reconnect.

The few commercials are fascinating on their own.

EDIT 17/11: The link is now the feed itself, as the original link now takes you directly to a page hawking the $6 subscription service, instead of the stream.

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