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Camp Takhomasak

Saturday, 18 November, 2006

Opening at Slaughter and IH-35 black Friday? Finally, all night chow for people over 30 who are not Waffle House compliant.

I am so behind.

Okay, for Austin to become “a world class city” all we need is:

  • traditional deep-fried seafood, that is the real version of what Long John Silvers promotes.
  • sliders redux, ideally the legend, although this is highly unlikely … currently Nashville is the closest market and their profitability is maintained by very conservative growth … the next best alternative … or something not unlike Reido’s or my own concept, Tri-State Chili
  • Another plausible donut shop providing real cake doughnuts.
  • I should look into becoming a franchiser of North America’s first gourmet cookie, 6″ $1.59 items
  • a not-so-much-whitey-friendly barbecue shack
  • It’s time to find the fried chicken and wedge joints

All those occurs to me while I don’t have any appetite …

Where do you get a nice butter kuchen around here?

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