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Packed with local references.

Tuesday, 28 November, 2006

This is the first, and it’s a lot earlier than I would have anticipated. An interesting ad popped up on Craig’s today.

no credit check studio apartments, newly renovated, hardwood floors
$450/month, month to month lease
located on E 6th Street and Congress Avenue
available asap
call [ten digits] for more info

I realize this may be a fluke. I also realize this ad comes to you from an out-of-market speculator. One does not speak of “East Sixth Street” when talking about where Scarborough’s used to be. Today, those who speculate on the national economy freak out … and certain stocks, which actually make things, even off shore, and ship them off continent attract the wise … the dollar is “correcting”, a Nixonian inflation will be set off by one of these, the “hot” housing market is bolstered by additional speculation, capital is too scarce to invest in anything that isn’t “real”, and …

It’s Florida in the 20’s. It’s everywhere in 1987-89. Those $350K bungalows and those $200K two-bedroom apartments are now in very serious liquidity trouble. We now have ten Intel Buildings in Austin. How does one get into the foreclosed home market? I just want the one. Oh, and those boutiques we have in lieu of services? It is as if the only place you can shop is Central Market. Yeah, see ya.

I’ve been operating on the assumption that these ultimate-HOA housing units were designed to appeal to the twenty-somethings just out of school with plenty of debt load and not knowing that is no way to live, despite their parent’s upper-middle class status. The city, run mostly by Friedman-inspired Republicans, cannot wait to shatter the natural progress of local development in a way that is superficially intended to get people out of cars and accomplish other tasks which will neither clean the air nor wash the real scum off the streets.

and destroy several tax bases along the way.

As it turns out, these novelty-infested communities, which are popping up in lieu of traditional sprawl in most of the country, appeal to the AARP demographic. That’s who they’re for. Proto-retirees who are selling the house their kids grew up in, but don’t want to go to Florida or Arizona. You see, they like the ultimate-HOA, on site “maintenance” and living at the mall. After all, that generation is the one that sacrificed our urban centers on the alter of poorly-executed consumerism.

No, I’m not providing links. Just chew on it for a while. The “baby boomers” who brought us the distraction of “The Sixties” which was the only thing people would talk about with regard to that decade until about twenty minutes ago, the excesses of the 70s and made AIDS and herpes commonplace along the way, insisted upon the draconian “drug war” and the drunk driving madness at least once they sowed their own wild oats, nearly criminalized the internet until they worked out how to use it as a weapon, now want to remake our communities into something in which they will be comfortable in their dotage.

It’s a good thing you people didn’t save any money.

“Concentration Camp” is such an ugly phrase. I prefer “Safety Village”.

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