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Thursday, 30 November, 2006

I’ve spent the entire week just sitting here then sleeping. Today was the best sleep in months. It is currently 60 degrees, about 15 C, in my bedroom. Flannel sheets and one blanket. Heaven.

Ice in the morning. I’ll be watching the traffic cams for comedy.

I like the idea of LJ Talk. It’s neato.

I know some people don’t like the IM, and I have periods in which I would rather (something profoundly unpleasant, but I won’t be bothered to devise such a thing right now) than fire up the gaim, my IM client of choice. Other times I’m so desperate for something not unlike human interaction I keep it going for weeks. Gaim allows me to run all of my IM accounts through one gadget: ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, Gmail and of course LJ talk. I have people on my “Buddies” list to whom I have not typed in years. They just sit there. You never know.

When I fire up the gaim, I get a little window which displays everybody. Because of the multi-protocol nature of the thing one can create entries for specific people and lump all of their accounts together. So I know if, say, is connected no matter which of his four accounts on different systems is active. Therefore, I happen to know who amongst thou hast logged in to LJ Talk ever. Of the people on my flist only, , , and have so much as logged into the system. I’m more than a little surprised that others have not investigated the possibilities, whatever they are.

Only six people to whom I’m connected this way I have seen in a state of nudity. Two of those only in photographs. Weird. I must be growing up.

So, among this statistically elderly quasi-demographic why ain’t we using the IM? and why is the LJ Talk not appealing? I don’t even know how and with whom this kind of thing works anymore.

Sorry about all the videos. I won’t do it again.

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