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Thursday, 7 December, 2006

I’ve just now learned of the phenomenon of Cereal Cafes, a restaurant environment oriented around serving breakfast cereal. These are structured not unlike a cross between an ice cream parlor and a quick-service restaurant. A handful of independents are sprinkled around the country, but at least two operations are attempting to franchise the idea. Cereality, out of Chicago, and The Cereal Bowl, out of Southern Florida, who are attempting to sue one another out of existence.

You get a generous “patent pending” typical Chinese-food container filled with up to two varieties of breakfast cereal, toppings (generally candy), with your choice of milk, 2%, skim or soy. If you’re selling a big container of Smacks and Cocoa Puff with M&M’s on top, I can’t imagine why you can’t get whole milk.

This sounds like the silliest thing I’ve ever heard of. Then again I still don’t get that prepared, powdered coffee for five dollars thing. I even like that crap, but am so disgusted with the idea I can’t participate.

I see this as a short-term novelty, not unlike the spaghetti-oriented fast food fad of the late eighties. Therefore, this will be huge. I’m not sure I’d go in if one opened down the street.

… and no mention of the price. I can’t imagine you could get a nice bowl for less than $6, but what little coverage I can find mentions how it is cheap for fast food.

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