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Tuesday, 12 December, 2006

I just had a think.

Who here knows about computer networking, and/or idiot-proof solutions for same? What I want is a late-model Mac, but what I don’t like about the Macintosh platform, at least in their four-digits selection, is the built-in limitation on disks and disk space.

I collect stuff. I want acres of disk space. The late Duron box has 410 GB and it is very nearly all full. I know once I have access to burning DVDs some of this will go into the archive, but with the abilities of the Mac platform … or rather the idiot-proofness of it … will drive me to collect, edit, create and so on in a way that I lament not doing now. Hence I will still need massive amounts of disk space. There is nothing that I would consider too much, only my ability to pay for it.

Here’s the think. I get a nice, shiny 17″ iMac. Networked into this system is both the internet connection and a “new” modest linux box. In the PC I have my two existing disks, more disks and maybe an 18x DVD burner (although I have no idea how to drive the burner from the Mac interface into a headless PC)


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