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Saturday, 16 December, 2006

Word comes that yet another popularly misprescribed psychoactive medication is responsible for encouraging suicide among its users.

Has it occurred to anyone that suicide is the ultimate cure for mental illness, especially in the American context. Suicides among those who aren’t with the program aren’t a fluke, a failure or a catastrophe, but success? After all, by keeping health care subject to market forces, and requiring someone to be cured and fully functional before they are allowed to pursue treatment for nearly any ailment keeps the requirements for medical staff exceptionally low.

Market forces. If a demand for legitimate medical care existed in this country, the magic of the markets would compel such a thing to materialize out of thin air. Suicide, while unpleasant, is the final solution for those who cannot get sufficiently cured to seek treatment. A few insurance-financed pills to encourage an absolute cure in short order is a small price to pay, no?

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