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Sunday, 17 December, 2006

I’m not ordering another disk for the new computer, however a DVD burner is sitting in my Newegg cart as we speak. With a few additional goodies to make to readily go, like a long, long cable, it’ll be about $45. I can pick up DVD media locally for about a quarter per disc and everything “good” will fit on fifty (4.7 GB) of them. I should have been backing up all this time anyway.

As long as I’m ordering, my little voice tells me I should invest in a 1394/Firewire card. It’ll run about fifteen bucks. Mind you, I don’t exactly know what I might do with the Firewire, and the card will fill my last available PCI slot. Of the four on the board, the others are filled with a NIC, the audio card and the additional IDE controller.

I guess I will require some kind of system or device to organize all those discs. I am not yet convinced this is the best course of action. My little voice also asks that I do nothing until after Fry’s 1226 sale, but I’m not so sure that even has the possibility of working out.

I installed the Linux Lightscribe goodie. Apparently, you can’t just type into it. It only accepts images. I have no idea whether this applies to the Mac version.

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