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Monday, 18 December, 2006

Now I am “on vacation”. I dread the next few days.

No work was in my department, but another dept had a bit of an emergency; about nine hours worth of emergency. My right hand and I doubled up and we burned through it all in about three hours. I knew we had a good pace, but damn.

I arrive at work at 5:30 having left the house at 5:20. Somehow I lost track of time on my end and must have departed much earlier. I psyched up for a prolonged … although several presses were running they were about to finish. For the week. E! I had been volunteered to another department (see: emergency) but they wouldn’t be in, and therefore couldn’t tell me what’s doing for another three hours. So I did what any red-hot-blooded Yankee pig would do and made my way to Fry’s. Another phone incident. I won’t go into it, but I now have a $30 refugee-from-1992 Panasonic plug-in-the-wall phone.

The one thing I should never do is wander over to their computer goodies sections. In short, I now have a DVD burner. It is the very model I picked out from Newegg, but I paid $49 instead of $37 and shipping. Yeah, I know. I picked out a 36″ IDE cable and one of those $19 100 DVD towers from the people who make those cheap, bulletproof CDs I used to hand out like Tic Tacs. I thought I wanted to try Lightscribe since theoretically I can utilize it. The LS discs were $$27 for 50. Dual-layer discs are still too precious for the likes of me, although you may be surprised and relieved at the current price.

So, instead of working I burn $100 at Fry’s. With this much time on my hands I would have done something like that anyway. Upon returning to work I will still have 100 vacation hours and 60 sick hours. I should get sick and go somewhere.

  • Social nudity
  • Alcohol intoxication in a social context
  • Four days of hell.
  • A new restaurant
  • No fewer than two movies in a proper theater
  • Devise a future that has me in it.

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