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Wednesday, 27 December, 2006
  • I was going to provide an audio post highlighted with wacky sound effects. Somehow, during my recent conversion I have eliminated both really nifty SFX collections. I then forgot just what would have been an interesting topic to explore through audio. You know, I haven’t even fired up the audio editor on the new box.
  • I think I will just sit here. It has been one week since I’ve smoked a cigarette. In that time I have consumed 46 4 mg Nicotine Polacrilex Lozenges. Tonight I purchased 72 more. They’re on sale at Walgreens. Even if I merely transfer my addiction to these mints instead of the newly artificially expensive cancer sticks I will come out ahead.
  • My chair rules
  • I am working on the outline for the latest tome: Niggernomics: Not just for the working class anymore. I must admit I’m not so sure I really want to alert the true middle class to … fuck ’em.

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