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Mamie: for your consideration

Saturday, 30 December, 2006
  • 1991 Isuzu P’up. I don’t name ’em, I just find ’em. At this price, if the mechanic finds a couple of bugs they could be tended to. You could drop it off at Maaco or some facsimile and squirt a coat of Texas-friendly color on it. Pep Boys seat covers are recommended. I don’t have a recommendation as to what to do about the no radio (i.e. no FM for iPod reception) but working OEM units are probably around … if the speakers are still there.
  • 1993 Honda Civic DX. Well, they say you can’t go wrong with Honda, but even the venerable Honda Civic needs to have the once over. This vehicle is right on the line as to whether it would have the new or the old A/C, which might be an issue. I have no more comments as this listing was less detailed.

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