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Monday, 8 January, 2007

What’s leaking since last night about Apple’s big day tomorrow is currently curling my hair. I keep stumbling upon theories concerning the “MacModular”, which is the machine I want and have been bitching about how it doesn’t exist. Not gonna happen.

The iPhone is coming, however, it is supposed to be something fucking amazing. It’s the convergence device. The thing I didn’t expect to see for at least five more years.

Telephone and all of the functions … all of the functions … of your computer in a semi-pocketable form. No word if this will be a OS X 10.5 machine, or if it is a new platform. Is it the Newton II or is it the Macintosh II, er III or whatever.

All of the Mac notebooks are on red tag right now. That means new books, yes?

I believe a new form factor iMac or another machine to fill its niche.

I’m down to the 2 mg mints. Everything hurts. My lungs are starting to clear. The coughing really hurts.

My nose is clogging with some kind of tar-like residue. I was thinking I must be breathing in something …
actually I’m breathing out tar-like residue. Due to the relatively low level of narcotic in my system I’m hurting in brand new ways. I feel like my knees are about to go.

Amateur photos of the first U.S.-spec Smart Fortwos.

I thought I found a video of a roller skating robot, but it’s really embedded among some flash.

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