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Wednesday, 17 January, 2007

One of the few remaining privileges of living in Texas is that the cars don’t rust. This situation exists for a number of reasons, among them the primary catalytic reaction which encourages the degradation of steel almost never happens. It is, however, happening now. What you need to know is this:

DO NOT wash your car until the streets are completely clear and the forecast has been free of persistent ice for at least several days.

It may be tempting for aesthetic reasons, but it is the reaction of minerals in hard water, sand, and certain chemicals used to melt ice on the roads (not just “salt”) which promote or even commence the oxidation of the good Korean steel from which our cars are made. The longer the your car is filthy, the less likely it is to rust.


I don’t think any of my automobilist Texans drive vehicles made off-continent, but if you do drive something likely to be made of European steel … you may not want to wash it until the thermometer hits eighty.

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