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Saturday, 20 January, 2007

Just spoke with a Volvo nut. He has 3 200-series in his household, a 91 244, a 92 245, and an 85 244.

You don’t so much own a Volvo, as you look after it for future generations

All you need for minor adjustments are 10 mm and 13 mm wrenches. The rolling sensation when starting may be caused by bad motor mounts, or new motor mounts that have not settled in. The thump from the torque converter engaging is acceptable, but not ideal. “You may want to look into it as you might only have a hundred thousand miles left on it”.

Independent mechanics love the 240s as they are elegantly simple and everything is so easy to access. Mainstream tire and shock shops will have parts for the suspension, or they can get them in a day if they know you’re coming. NTB or Sears are fine for this … although the rear springs probably do need replacing and those are special order parts.

He bought the 85 new. He converted his son and wife to the 240, accounting for the other 240s in the house. His son is at University in New York and my expert is watching the ’91 for him.

You want one with the pre-86 headlights.

That seems to be all I remember.

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