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Wednesday, 24 January, 2007
  • I was maybe thirty years old before I ever heard of a binturong. You know the cow goes moo, the pig oinks, the giraffe has a long neck and the god damn binturong smells like popcorn.
  • I once lived in a world when someone named Jenna made the tabloid media, it was an authentic pornographist and not the Republican Paris Hilton.
  • When I need a giggle, all I have to do is search for cornhole.
  • I have three minor tasks to perform. I can’t even communicate why I am unable to proceed with any of them.
  • Currency denomination:
    • Eliminate the penny, as they come in melt them down.
    • Re-introduce a 50¢ coin. I cannot speak as to whether the Kennedy Half should be that coin. We could revert to the pre-’64 Franklin Half if that would make somebody happy.
    • Re-introduce the Sacagawea “Golden” Dollar, and destroy paper dollars as they come in. The paper dollar must be removed from circulation.
    • Create and introduce a two-dollar coin. It should be silver, larger than the Golden Dollar, and if it will shut up the GOP put either Reagan or Eisenhower on it.
    • In the next decade, which like the 1990s will be a phase in which the US catches up with the rest of the world, the profitability of old banking models will not be perceived as critical the the continuation of life on this planet. As such e-money schemes will become less important, and purchases under $20 will still be made with physical currency for some time.
  • Renault-Nissan started building a car designed to be practical and efficient in 2004. Toyota has announced they are pursuing a similar model. In what I’m reading they presume we know VW has such a project in development, and will be building it before the end of 2008. While the original idea was to have something modern and practical which could be assembled with a minimum of labor and far fewer parts, and therefore dies, than Western cars, when sold in the West they move all such vehicles which can be provided. Ford, General Motors and DCX have nothing like this, and they won’t. Not everyone wants to punk everyone else on the road. Some people actually use their cars for transportation.
  • I’m seriously considering of selling my package of Don Martin’s Pornographic Sound Effects Stickers

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