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Thursday, 1 February, 2007

Just this moment I have received what may well be my last pair of New Balance 100X series shoes. These are classified as cross trainers and have served me well since I bumbled into a pair called 1003 in early 2001. I have issues with their styling, but they fulfill all my needs for support, control and such.

Alas, the 1008s were released late last year, and the motion control components have been removed. That means the 1008 are not for me and the 1007s are on clearance. Oddly, when the 100X goes on clearance the non-white variant goes first, but I found the 1007 in Navy for a mere $60 and in my Fred Flintstone size. I don’t know what I shall do in two years when I replace these much later than I should.

Oh well, time to take the walk down the street I’ve been promising myself since about five in the morning.

These shoes are low-cut. They should be three-quarter cut, but for half-price I won’t bitch too much.

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