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I’m stupid.

Saturday, 24 February, 2007

My apologies to the Republic of Korea. The car is in fact a Cobalt and not the smaller Aveo. Oddly,this vehicle features the most attractive instrumentation I’ve seen in a GM since the landscape speedometers of the 60’s. It’s all downhill from there. The road noise is noticeable at 40. Annoying at 50. Unbelievable at 65. The engine revs amazingly to achieve anything resembling acceleration, although once at speed it is buried beneath what feels like inches of insulation, and triple-digit decibels of road and wind noise. Oddly, the car with an automatic transmission has a tachometer, but no other supplemental instrumentation. The coolant temp, in degrees F, is available if you scroll through the display where the odonmeter would be. MPG, two trip odometers, oh good lord …

I’m taking a shower and hitting the road. Monday cannot come soon enough …

oh, and you think I freak out like about nothing? How about under the realization that before the end of the week I will be just over a month’s income in debt just as well enter $100 utility bill season.

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