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Wednesday, 4 April, 2007

The good electric bicycles are dropping in price for the 2007 model year (which are just coming out now) and the old good-enough ones are becoming super cheap. The difference here is the batteries. Demand is such that the batteries which are like cell phone batteries are in sufficient production the price is starting to drop. The brand you want, Izip, now offers a unit that does 15 MPH without assistance, supposedly up to 20 with assistance, and a 35 mile range with no extras (rack, lights, etc) for $399. Replacement batteries, aftermarket, are $70. It has the old-style batteries. The newer, niftier bikes have up to 30 mile range, do 20 MPH unassisted and have all the goodies starting at $1200.

Here’s the clincher: The old-style bike is being sold at Target stores in selected markets. I don’t think Austin is one of them. It’s a Mongoose (name licensed from Pacific Cycle the people who ruined Schwinn’s tarnished reputation) that looks kind of like a hot rod.

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