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Sunday, 22 April, 2007
  • Drowning in Concrete Someone competent finally put into words what I never could.
  • Secrets of the Magic 8 Ball Short but very sweet
  • It was the top of the hour, rolling into 4 o’clock here. As is my custom, I’m out in the plains tuning the radio in my truck. I hear a promo for “The Best of” a radio station I’ve been getting from Colorado. I had forgotten that Alan Berg was on a 50KW station in Denver, and the only one is the one I’ve been getting. Oddly, it is a CD collection. I shouldn’t expect so much. One click over the signal is coming especially clear, particularly considering that winter is long, long gone. I assume somebody is doing something which is boosting the signal or some functional equivalent. After the ad for Neil Huffman Nissan (“just one mile west of the Watterson on Shelbyville Road”), I get a reminder of something I don’t think about much even with the derision once reserved for this very special inappropriate vanity.

    Derby Week and every week, a voice from home is only a click away. Eighty-four W-H-A-S dot com.

    Not exactly the kind of a voice from home I’m looking for, but any port in a storm.

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