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Tuesday, 1 May, 2007

Looking into the Dell-Ubuntu thing. I am remembering an interview with Mark Shuttleworth, formerly of Thawte Consulting and basically Mr. Ubuntu Linux, in which he explained his remorse that Linux will never be that big because anything developed for Linux can be ported immediately to other platforms. In so many words he explained there cannot be a killer app for Linux.

I disagree. Not only will a killer app be developed for Linux, it exists today.

Windows Vista. You can have the latest greatest computer that does everything you expect, better than you anticipate, or you can have something less useful than the computer you’re replacing …

without paying the now mythical Apple tax. Microsoft will have pay more Universities even more money to keep non-Windows machines off their networks. Now that the sole remaining obstacle may be removed, pre-installation …

Well, it’ll be interesting.

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