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Thursday, 17 May, 2007
  • First and foremost, my apologies to those who have reached out to me this week. I am having serious context problems and fear that I cannot respond appropriately.
  • I have now flipped my schedule. yay It will be another long day.
  • I wanted to get Otis serviced before inspection. I went to my service place, and they finally got their smog machine. I let more than a few things build up and by I spent two hours and $170 there. I must say, I have a really good service place … Yes, it is different than my repair place.
  • I have to go to the stores today. I hate that. I think I will try to find some novel place to go. I would like a nice big sandwich.
  • I’m a little more fucked up than normal because I can’t figure out how to get anyone to sell me food. I spent Wednesday ruining all the food in the house. I should lay low for a good long time.

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